Warrington based PC Sales and Service Centre

Established in year 2000, we have built up a reputation for fast and friendly service both in sales and repairs. Our shop is situated on Gainsborough Rd near to Stockton Heath and within easy reach of Appleton ,Grappenhall and the Town centre. We have new and Refurbished PC and Laptops in stock which we rotate on a regular basis. As a dedicated Service Centre, we aim to complete repairs within 24 Hours, So whether your machine needs speeding up or  whether it needs a hardware upgrade,we can help. We also  stock Printers and inks for all popular brands, as well as stocking network routers and other peripherals.


Data Recovery

When it comes down to it the most important thing about your PC is your Data . Even after a fatal motherboard failure we can recover your data to a new machine.
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